Prospective members of the drumline and colorguard are required to perform an audition, as there are limited numbers of spots available in both sections. Auditions will take place on the first day of Preseason Band Camp.

Students who do not successfully audition for the drumline or colorguard but who also play a wind instrument are encouraged to join PNNMB's wind section.


Audition materials will be made available in June. Prospective members will audition for members of the Drumline Staff. Please contact Nick Nichols for more information.


Audition routines will be taught during the morning block on first full day and auditions will occur during the afternoon block. Prospective members will audition for members of the Colorguard Staff. Please contact Brandon Nichols for more information.

Winds (Brass & Woodwinds)

There is currently no audition requirement to join the wind section of PNNMB; however, a part-placement audition is required for the instruments utilizing divisi parts (piccolos, clarinets, alto saxophones, trumpets and trombones). Audition music and instructions will be sent to students who have completed their band camp registration form. A copy of the audition music will be available in the audition room, if a member forgoes the recommended memorization. Auditions are held in Robinson Hall